Farm Mechanization Services

SarvaGram brings to you on demand, pay per use based Farm Implements for Land Preparation, Sowing, Crop Management, Harvesting & Post Harvest farm management.

  • Rental services of farm implements are fulfilled through SarvaMitra (our partners for last-mile servicing).
  • SarvaGram helps in increasing agricultural productivity by bringing technology & mechanization for the farming community with the convenience of Pay-per-Use facility.
  • At SarvaGram, we are leveraging the power of forecasting, data analytics, financial services, etc. to integrate and strengthen the value for the farmer.
  • Each SarvaMitra outlet is managed through IT-enabled systems, manned by agri-entrepreneurs and is equipped to handle a comprehensive suite of farm implements throughout the crop life cycle.

Service Features

Hassle free service
On demand Implements for the entire crop Cycle
Pay per use
Affordable rates


Who is a SarvaMitra?

SarvaMitra is SarvaGram’s last-mile partner who helps in fulfilling Farm Rental Services

Agri Entrepreneur (from the Farming profile or Existing Farm Rental operators For more detail, you can contact SarvaGram’s team at our nearby branch).

SarvaMitra through a suite of new technology farm implements manages the full crop cycle of land preperation, sowing, crop management, harvesting & post harvest farm management

SarvaMitra maintains a diverse catalogue of farm implements, by taking into factor topographical details , crop pattern, implement demand of the region. For more details, please contact the nearest branch of SarvaGram

i. Apply Here
ii. SarvaMitra directly- Locate a SarvaMitra
iii. Give a miss call to the Customer Service number 8101777555

Cash Payment / NEFT / IMPS / UPI

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