Housing Loan

Our affordable and flexible Housing Loan are designed to fulfill your dream into reality for your own house. At Sarvagram, we are committed to assist you with purchase, renovation or construction of your house. We, as your trusted financial partner, offer a hassle free, seamless and secured process to ensure transparency and confidentiality in your loan application.
*Terms and Conditions apply

*Other eligibility criteria and conditions are applicable depending on the nature of case

Loan Features

Loan amount upto Rs 25 Lakhs
Flexible loan tenure between 12-72 months
Attractive interest rates
Seamless Loan Application process


  • Age of applicant and co-applicant to be minimum 18 years and maximum 65 years old
  • Collateral in the name of applicant/ co-applicant is mandatory
  • Co applicant is mandatory

Calculate EMI

Loan Amount (in )
100000 2500000
(in months)
3 60
Interest Rate (% P.A.)
10 20
EMI Amount


What is Housing Loan?

A Housing loan is a financial instrument that is used to fund you for the purchase, renovation, or construction of your house at an agreed interest rate.

Any person between 18-65 years old, surplus monthly income, good burea score and the collateral under their name** can apply for Housing loan.

Sarvagram offer you the affordable, quick and seamless Housing loan taking the household income into consideration.

You can apply for maximum Rs 25 Lakh of secured loan. However, the final loan amount depends on varity of factors such as loan applicant’s income, profile , burea score and repayment ability.

Your eligibility can be determined due to your existing debt obligation, your income, your property detail and other aspects if taken into consideration

You can check the status of your loan application from your account summary available on SarvaGram’s website or in the Sarvagram App post logging into your page.

• Foreclosure charges:
If less than 50% tenure is served: 4% of the outstanding amount
If more than 50% tenure is served: 3% of the outstanding amount
•Part Payment :
2% of the Pre payment amount”

You can repay the loan to SarvaGram in affordable monthly EMI through the NACH.

SarvaGrams’ loan facilities are available at all our branch locations. You can locate the nearest branch using our branch locator

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